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  • First tagged release.


  • API change - analogue to analog.


  • Bug fixes, experimental servo support.


  • Testing improvements.


  • Stability improvements.


  • Support for non-register based I2C device read / write.


  • Added Analog Output device support (added for the PCF8591).
  • Introduced Java based sysfs and jpi providers. Bug fix to I2CLcd.
  • Added support for BME280.


  • Native support for I2C and SPI in the sysfs provider.
  • Support for CHIP, BeagleBone Black and ASUS Tinker Board.
  • Moved sysfs provider into diozero-core, use as the default provider.
  • Preliminary support for devices that support the Firmata protocol (i.e. Arduino).


  • Firmata I2C.
  • Improvements to MFRC522.
  • SDL Joystick JNI wrapper library.
  • MFRC522 fully supported (finally).
  • Added support for MCP EEPROMs.
  • I2C SMBus implementation in the internal sysfs provider.


  • New devices: BH1750 luminosity sensor, SSD1331 96x64 & SSD1351 128x128 65k colour OLEDs.
  • Moved classes in com.diozero to com.diozero.devices.
  • Changed the SPI interface from ByteBuffer to byte array.
  • Added support for Particle Photon using the VoodooSpark Firmware.
  • Flexible APIs for remotely accessing devices over a variety of protocols.
  • Optimised GPIO input interrupt handling.
  • Updated rpi_ws281x library.
  • Experimental support for 433MHz receivers.
  • I2C detect capability.


  • Bug fix release - ws281x LED strips and analog input on BBB


  • Upgrade dependencies, minor bug fixes


  • Serial devices
  • gpiod character device incorporated
  • Renamed the “sysfs” internal provider to built-in


  • Refactored package hierarchy to clearly distinguish between devices, API and SPI
  • Documentation update - moved from readthedocs to GitHub pages


  • Minor bug fix to support Raspberry Pi 1 Model B
  • Introduce readFully method for serial devices to read specified number of bytes before returning


  • Changed whenPressed / whenReleased to receive epoch time; removed readBlocked, minReadChars and readTimeout from SerialDevice constructors


  • Changed whenPressed / whenReleased to receive nano time rather than epoch time


  • Bugfix release - fixes to GPIO
  • I2C retries


  • Bugfix release - fix for I2C retry logic
  • GPIO event Epoch time is calculated from nano time


  • Bugfix for BME280 humidity reads - config registers need to be written to in the correct order
  • Enhancements to ADS112C04 - support for input multiplexer configuration (differential reads)
  • Renamed util.Event to util.EventLock
  • Preview / sandpit introduction of a new generic FIFO event queue


  • Refactored the way that GPIO devices are provisioned internally - all now use PinInfo rather than a GPIO number
  • DigitalInputDevices allow activeHigh to be overridden
  • Fix for Raspberry Pi Zero W - now loads the correct boarddefs file, rather than the generic Raspberry Pi one
  • Bugix for PwmOutputDevice cleanup


  • Added operation to allow AutoCloseable interfaces to be automatically invoked on shutdown


  • Fixed system-utils-native library for aarch64
  • Added PWM setFrequency operation
  • Detect RPi400 and CM4


  • Shutdown logic moved to DeviceFactoryHelper.shutdown
  • Deprecated WaitableDigitalInputDevice and moved waitable logic up to AbstractDigitalInputDevice
  • New Debounced DigitalInputDevice added to api.sandpit
  • Added Builder to Button
  • Use mmap (if available) when getting / setting GPIO values using built-in sysfs
  • Ensure all nano timestamp values use CLOCK_MONOTONIC rather than CLOCK_REALTIME


  • Tweaks to native library cross compilation
  • #68 bug-fix for I2C on 64-bit systems
  • Fix to SystemInformation coloured output with Jansi on armv6


  • Moved all IMU devices out of diozero-core to diozero-imu-devices to remove dependency on commons-math3 (Quaternion) from diozero-core
  • Removed deprecated methods in DigitalInputDevice and MmapIntBuffer and the deprecated class WaitableDigitalInputDevice
  • Added BoardPinInfo getByPhysicalPin()
  • Added AnalogOutputDevice
  • Switched to non-daemon threads
  • Changed DiozeroScheduler to only create a single (scheduled) thread pool - the cached thread pool was blocking the JVM from terminating for 60 seconds
  • Improvements to DigitalOutputDevice on-off loops